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Domaine d'Arton

In the middle of the Gers department, on the Lectoure plain, the Domaine d’Arton stretches over 60 hectares.

South facing, facing the Pyrenees, the 30 hectares of vines, entirely replanted over 20 years ago, are made up of a palette of indigenous varieties of grape.

The land of the Lectoure Haut Armagnac, noted for its countryside of a thousand hills and its rich history; the soil is principally clean, filtering, chalky-clay.

Patrick and Victoire de Montal, both born and bred in Gascony, took on the task of reviving the land of this ancient wine domaine 25 years ago. They completely replanted the well drained and well exposed land. Today almost 35 hectares of vines have given life to this historic landscape, 2008 being their 16th year of grape harvest at Arton.

Formed as a Company as a Societe Civile d’Exploitation Agricole (exempt private partnership), entirely owned by the family, Arton is persuing its project of further plantations and diversification of grape varieties.

In 2001, a modern and very functional winery was opened. The vinification capacity of this new winery will permit the important developments that we envisage in the years to come.

Eventually, the project in its entirety will cover approximately 50 hectares of vines in the commune of Lectoure.

Production: 350,000 bottles of high quality wines of white, both dry and sweet, red, and also of an Armagnac, labelled Haut Armagnac AOC.


Domaine d’Arton:

  • Les Hauts D’Arton
  • Les Deux Cédres
  • Victoire
  • La Croix d’Arton
  • La Croix d’Arton Réserve

Les Réserves d’Arton:

  • AOC Haut Armagnac La réserve
  • AOC Haut Armagnac Vintage 2004
  • AOC Haut Armagnac Vintage 2003
  • AOC Haut Armagnac Vintage 2001

Les Réserves d’Arton – Fruit

  • Vieille Prune
  • Poire de Passe-Crassanna
  • Crémes de pêche de Vigne

Fine Blanche Patrick de Montal – Armagnac Blanc:

  • Fine Blanche

Domaine d'Arton

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