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L’Envoutée © ™ is a branded collection of wines created by Jean-Yves DEYRAS, Œnologue/ international Winemaker. After over 20 years of winemaking, Jean-Yves decided to create his own wine brand.

All grapes are selected in the best vineyards to ensure optimum maturity and superior quality before entering the ‘vinification’ process.

From fermentation to blending, from finning to filtration and all the way to the bottling line, all steps are under the control of master winemaker Jean-Yves Deyras. The hands-on crafting is a guarantee that all wines are of superior quality.

The first wines released in the L’Envoutée © ™ collection are carefully selected Red AOP Bordeaux, Red, Rosé and White IGP Oc and a Red Côtes du Rhône.

L’Envoutée © ™ offers an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s best ‘appellations’ within a recognizable carefully-crafted branded collection.

Exclusive Distribution BY GB Wines.

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