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Champagne Ployez-Jacquemart

The Essence of Ployez-Jacquemart

Ployez-Jacquemart is a family House created in 1930 by Marcel Ployez and his wife Yvonne Jacquemart.

The whole essence of Ployez-Jacquemart rests in our continual search for excellence and our remarkable abilities to make truly fine wines. These skills have been passed down through three generations. Deep-seated pride in our product and heritage are the cornerstones of our traditional approach to champagne production.

Enjoying Ployez-Jacquemart means to share a passion for superlative wines aimed at those who appreciate the very best that life has to offer. Ployez-Jacquemart is found on the wine lists of gourmet restaurants in France and around the globe, clear testament to our consistent pursuit of perfection. Exquisite food and the full range of Ployez-Jacquemart wines can also be enjoyed by visitors to the estate.


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