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Domaine du Colombier

Domaine du Colombier is located in the Northern Rhône Valley, in the left bank of the Rhône River. The estate has been part of the family since the First World War. The owners gradually moved from a sharecroppers status to that of owners. Florent Viale joined his father in 1990 and decided to bottle part of their production in 1991.

Wines full of character, especially the cuvée Prestige Gaby (named after Florent's father). Florent Viale is a master at making Syrah, that show its character in the wine.

The wines of Domaine du Colombier tell the tale of terroir in the Northern Rhone as well as anybody. With 13ha of Syrah in Crozes, 1.81ha just over the appellation border in Hermitage, and 1.9ha of Marsanne for the white, Florent Vilae produces concentrated yet zippy wines that unmistakably reveal the soil and climatic traits of each area.


  • AOC Crozes Hermitage Red
  • AOC Crozes Hermitage "Cuvée Gaby" Red
  • AOC Hermitage Red

  • AOC Crozes Hermitage White
  • AOC Crozes Hermitage "Cuvée Gaby" White
  • AOC Hermitage White


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